Your coaching program will be designed around your specific needs and challenges. 

Personal Coaching
We strongly believe that you know the answers to every question or challenge you may have in your life, even if those answers appear to be somehow hidden inside at this stage. Through the coaching process you will receive help to go from where you are to where you want and achieve the following:
– Self-Awareness
– Personal Growth and Fulfillment
– Achieve your goals
– Management of Setbacks and Coping Mechanisms
– Build your Self Confidence

Executive Coaching
We offer one-to-one support for managers and executives, enabling them to achieve their full potential, enhance personal impact and performance and develop effective leadership techniques. 

Career Coaching 
For students and recent graduates: with the use of psychometric tests students and recent graduates will be guided to choose a suitable career path based on their skills, personality and interests. We will facilitate their decision- making process through self-awareness and by finding a fit between their personal qualities and job opportunities.
For professionals: Through career coaching professionals will be able to clarify their career direction, build concrete goals and tailor career development plans that will enhance their individual performance and achieve job satisfaction.
For organizations: In partnership with organizations we foster engagement and support employees to keep on track. We ensure that individuals identify the right strategies that best fit their aspirations, development needs and lifestyle.
CV, Linkedin and Interview Advisor: Recent graduates and professionals will receive support to write their CV, create their LinkedIn profiles and get prepared for an interview/assessment center.


Sophia Consulting Services provide assessment tools and services to support recruitment, development, identification of high potential talent, succession planning and career counseling. With an extensive experience in the design and management of a large number of assessment and development centers, we can offer the following services:
• Design and Implementation of Assessment Centers for selection, development and coaching
• Conduct interviews
• Personality Tests
• Aptitude and Ability Tests
• Career orientation Tests
• Situational Judgment Tests
• Group Exercises
• Comprehended assessment for Pilots
• Specialized Surveys
• Specialized Assessments


Human Resources Consultancy

Through our Human Resources Consulting Services, organizations will receive support and advice in the following areas:
• Identifying and implementing company’s vision & mission
• Building and sustaining staff morale, Job satisfaction and engagement
• Managing recruitment process from A to Z, including the design and management of assessment centers
• Coaching and development
• Developing, executing and measuring HR processes, systems, policies and procedures

Aviation Psychology

This unique area of specialized service of Sophia Consulting Services, involves the application of psychology, psychometrics and human factors in the field of aviation to achieve safety and to minimize risk.More specifically, we can assist in the following areas:
• Design, implementation and management of assessment centers for the selection and recruitment of pilots, engineers, cabin crews, airport and ground operation staff
• Administer, Score and Interpret Psychometric Tests
• Participate in safety and security investigations
• Assist Operations Management by identifying areas of potential risk to safety
• Facilitate the development of a nonjudgmental environment (Just Culture)
• Design, implement and manage Employee Assistance Programs
• Assist in the development of Human Factors and CRM trainings
• Conduct Surveys (i.e. safety surveys)
• Conduct Fear of Flying seminars

Employee Assistance Program

Sophia Consulting Services provide Employee Assistance Programs customized to match your company’s needs. Through EAP you will:

  • Ensure that your employees achieve psychological wellness through personal empowerment
  • Ensure that your employees effectively manage their personal, interpersonal, and social concerns affecting work productivity



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